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Fun Things to Do in Akumal- Part 1

Today we begin a series where we recommend fun things that you can do near the town of Akumal. Since this is where Gate48 is located we hope that these blogs will inspire you to explore the nearby area. Let’s get started, shall we? AKTUN CHEN NATIONAL PARK This place made National Geographic Society’s list […]


How to Make the Most of Your Dollar

In today’s blog we are going to share with you some tips on how to make your money go further after booking your vacation with Gate48. The US and Canadian dollar are currently at 18 and 14 and you want to make every one of them count. It’s important to be aware of exchange rates […]


Amenities Available to Gate48 Guests

When you book your vacation rental with Gate48 there are many free amenities available to you and your family that will make your stay fun and enjoyable. Whether you want to stay fit or simply catch some sun and swim there is plenty to choose from to keep you busy, so let’s take a look […]