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Book Stores in the Riviera Maya

Despite the change in people’s reading habits due to the widespread use of cell phone and tablets, nothing beats a reading a book. Whether hard or soft cover, it’s far more convenient to take with you and very satisfying to take to the beach with you and read in a hammock or beach chair. But […]


Plaza de las Americas

In today’s blog we will look at another one of Playa del Carmen’s biggest malls: Plaza de las Americas. It’s similar to Centro Maya, but is much bigger, with a larger variety of stores to choose from. This mall is located a 15 minute drive from Centro Maya, on 115 Avenue which runs parallel to […]


La Quinta Avenida- Playa del Carmen

If you are planning a visit to Playa del Carmen during your stay with Gate48 then you must head down to the pedestrian only 5th Avenue, known by its Spanish name: La Quinta Avenida. This is the premier shopping district in the Riviera Maya, an ultra-chic shopping area in the heart of Playa del Carmen´s […]