Adventure Parks in the Riviera Maya

Adventure parks in the Riviera Maya provide experiences that cannot be found elsewhere, which is why they’re great alternatives to visiting the beach or spending time at a resort. The many environments of the peninsula provide fertile ground for the development of parks that offer  action, adventure, and exploration of the natural wonders of the area: jungle, cenotes, ocean life and underground rivers.

The region’s eco-parks that deliver a wide range of exciting activities for all ages and are among the most popular attractions in the entire region. They attract millions of visitors every year that wish to participate in fun-filled activities that are for all ages and adventure levels.


The Caribbean offers many opportunities for exploring the water of the Riviera Maya.
Snorkeling allows you to observe the many marine species found here, such as angelfish, surgeonfish, damselfish, snapper, parrotfish, grouper, mantas, pufferfish, and the queen conch. You can float down rivers on inner tubes, travel by kayak, go cliff jumping.


The thick jungle canopy that covers the peninsula can be traversed by ground in rugged ATV vehicles that can be rented for driving across stretches of back roads. Those preferring a more exciting, adrenaline-inducing aerial approach can go zip-lining through the trees. Deep in the jungles are several fresh water lagoons flowing into the river, and the area is full of local wildlife that can be observed.


These natural sinkholes form in the ground and connect with the vast underground cave network that stretches across the peninsula. There are many to choose from and each is ideal for swimming in cool, clear waters, especially on a hot day. In some of them, the option for exploring with the aid of snorkel and scuba gear is also available.


Below the surface are many interconnected and intricate underground rivers which can also be explored. Tour guides can take you into the subterranean world of that the ancient Maya, considered to be an entrance to the their underworld of Xibalba. Full of stalagmites and stalactites and intricate rock formations, this is an excellent way of discovering the world that exists beneath the surface.

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