Parque La Ceiba in Playa del Carmen

If you are heading down to Playa del Carmen with your family, we recommend a visit one of the city’s most treasured places: Parque La Ceiba. This beautiful park is a 34 minute drive from Gate48, located just off the highway on the western side, near the large Chedraui supermarket. Earlier this year they celebrated their 15-year anniversary, and in today’s blog we will take a look at what makes it so special.

La Ceiba is a unique place in Playa, due to its architectural design and harmony with nature. The project is the result of many years of hard work between collaborators, friends, sponsors and the government. It was created by the civil organization Flora, Fauna and Culture of Mexico, AC, in order to give the local community a green space that could be used for healthy recreation. They are dedicated to the conservation of the native flora and fauna of the region, which is evident when you walk in. On a hot day the trees and foliage provide much appreciated shade, in addition to the beauty they serve thanks to the exceptional landscaping.

The park is a cultural space surrounded by trees, dirt paths, children’s toys made of wood, tires, ropes, plants from the region, as well as open areas for theater and live music. La Ceiba hosts weekly workshops and has monthly film screenings run by El Cine Club. In the center of the park is a cafeteria serving food, surrounded by tables and chairs for those eating, reading the selection of books that they have or surfing the internet with the free Wifi internet provided. When you arrive at the park you are likely to find many families and children there, as well as others from the community who are there to relax and take part in their many activities.

The park has been recognized for its achievements on numerous occasions, twice receiving the Environmental Merit Award from the Government of the State of Quintana Roo and the Environmental Merit Award of the Solidarity City Council.

Parque La Ceiba is open to the public from 7.00am to 9.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday, and entrance is free. For more information about the park and its upcoming activities visit them online on Facebook/ParqueLaCeiba.

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