Cirque de Soleil: JOYA

The Riviera Maya is not only home to great beaches and resorts, it also has a long running show from the world famous theater group Cirque de Soleil. Ever since late 2014 Grupo Vidanta, one of the main hotel chains in Mexico, has been hosting this talented group of performers inside of a theater that was built by the same builders of the Mayan Palace hotel complex. It is a stunningly beautiful piece of architecture that also manages to feel quite intimate. It will surely take you by surprise to see how the full space is used, from the stage to ceiling.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cirque de Soleil, their shows are a mixture of theatrical spectacle and circus performance. The immense amount of training that the performers go through is reflected in the fact that many of their seemingly impossible feats are done with a sense of great ease. Seeing them bounce off of trampolines while flipping through the air on to high platforms as well as the very dangerous maneuvers performed high above, are truly remarkable. The show tells the story of a rebellious adolescent trapped by his grandfather’s quest to find the secrets of the jungle.

Those of you who also purchase a dinner meal will be very pleased as the food is very good. The show begins after the conclusion of dinner, with a 15 minute intermission in between.  Dinner is a three course meal which includes appetizers and a glass of champagne. There are vegetarian options are available, so make sure to ask your waiter.

There are different ticket packages are available, beginning at $65 U.S. dollars: one is close to the stage, but without dinner included; another includes the show and champagne; the third option will get you the show, dinner, champagne and VIP service.

Due to the popularity of the show, tickets go quite fast, so if you are planning to visit the Riviera Maya and would like to attend a show, purchase your tickets least a month in advance so that you are guaranteed seats. To purchase tickets to Joya visit their website:

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