Xaman-Ha Aviary in Playacar

Are you looking to get close to nature and meet some of the Riviera Maya’s most beautiful birds? If so, consider a trip to the Xaman-Ha Aviary with your family and witness the large variety of winged residents that make this part of Mexico their home.

This protected sanctuary is located in the private residential neighborhood of Playacar, which is on the south-east side of Playa del Carmen. Getting here is easy, just take the highway north and drive for 30 minutes. Once you see the signs for Playacar on your right hand side get ready to turn right once you reach Avenida Aviación and take it until you reach 10th Avenue. Another right turn and you will find yourself at the security gate entrance to Playacar. Tell them that you are visiting the aviary and they will guide you to where you can park a short distance in. The aviary is very close to the entrance.

After paying the entrance fee of 300 pesos you will soon find yourself walking along a pathway that will lead you inside to where the local residents are. You will soon notice that unlike a zoo there is an intimacy in being in an environment where you are surrounded by the birds and animals. It also saves you the trouble of making the journey into the local jungles of the peninsula to find them yourself.

Among the residents of the aviary are: the scarlet macaw, identifiable by its red, yellow and blue colours; the brown and blue motmot; pink flamingos, which have their own area in the aviary; parrots, toucans, pelicans, ducks, egrets, ibis, storks and hundreds of other different birds which are flying around. In addition to the various birds you will also come across iguanas, turtles and butterflies.

This a great way to spend an afternoon with your family, so don’t forget to take your camera or your cell phone for some up close and personal interactions with the area’s beautiful and unique wildlife.

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