Puerto Aventuras Beach

Puerto Aventuras is known for its very impressive marina, but are you aware of their beach? Despite being located on the Caribbean coastline, this area of coastline is actually quite rocky and lacking in access, but the pristine white sand, palm trees and turquoise waters more than make up for this. As one of the best kept secrets in the Riviera Maya, this means that there will not be many people here, so you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful day.

As you will soon see while you are there, the uniqueness  of Puerto Aventuras as a marina town means that there is plenty to do in and on the water. Many local residents park their boats here, so you will see
plenty of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the proximity of the reef, the waters are very calm, so any family members who may be put off by getting in rough waters and subjected and to strong waves need not worry. This also means that the waters of Puerto Aventuras are perfect for snorkeling, allow you swim among the many sea creatures that inhabit it: coral, crabs, sea horses, rays and schools of fish.

To get to Puerto Aventuras drive south on the highway for 20 minutes until you reach the gated entrance. Tell security that you are there for a visit  and without any problems they will let you in. Once inside, make your way to the Omni hotel, located beside the town square. Once you enter the hotel keep to the right as you go past the pool and follow the steps down to beach, then continue right again until you find the area of beach that we are making reference to.

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