In today’s blog we’re going to tell you about one of the most well known drinks of the Caribbean region. The mojito is a cocktail originating in Havana, Cuba, consisting of white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water. Combined together they give this highball sweetn, citrus and mint flavors together, which compliments the run. This, along with the relatively low alcohol content, makes this a popular drink in the summer. Or for those on vacation in the Riviera Maya.

So how does one prepare a mojito? First, fresh lime juice is added to sugar and mint leaves, gently mashed with a muddle. By bruising the mint leaves they release the essential oils so care is taken not to shred them. Rum is added and stirred to dissolve the sugar, and to raise the mint leaves up so it looks more aesthetically pleasing. Crushed ice and sparkling soda water are now added, and the finishing touch is to garnish the glass with mint leaves and lime.

Of course there are several versions of the mojito, and many establishments will have their own signature style of how to make one. The Riviera Maya’s close proximity to the island of Cuba, combined with the abundance of bars and restaurants menas that there is an abundance of places to go in Playa del Carmen where you can enjoy a mojito. Here are a few of the places that we recommend:

Babe’s Noodles & Bar, Calle 10 between Quinta Avenida and Avenida 10

This place is famous for its noodles, but it also serves a very good mojito. Their specialty is the mojito con albahaca, a basil mojito, so try one with an order of chicken pad thai.

La Bodeguita del Medio on Quinta Avenida and Calle 38.

This one of Playa del Carmen most well known Cuban establishments. It’s a salsa bar with mojitos in a wide range of flavors, so you can enjoy a few among an atmosphere that will make you feel like you were in Havana.

The Roof Bar is located on Quinta Avenida between Calle 4 and 6.

Located on 5th Avenue, their elevated space makes for great people watching while you drink a mojito. The

Ula Gula Bar & Restaurant is located on Quinta Avenida and Calle 10.

We recommned their mojito de jengibre (ginger mojito) nd their mojito de sandía (watermelon mojito).


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