Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Cancun

Are you looking for something fun to do with the whole family that will also give you a great workout? Sky Zone is the world’s first trampoline park, located in Cancun, a place dedicated to “fun fitness” with an indoor activity area that is based on bouncing around on trampolines in a variety of arenas and setups.

The large indoor is divided into six separate sections, each with its own supervisor standing by to make sure everyone is safe. Among the activities you will find here are: a foam pit with trampolines where you can bounce around and flip through the air, with a comfortable landing; a area for playing dodge ball area; a space for younger children; a large open area with trampoline squares that allow you to bounce off of the walls; a basketball hoops area where you can bounce off a trampoline and slam dunk a ball like your favorite player. Fancy yourself Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan? Experience what it’s like to get some air above the rim.

Prices depend on the amount of time you wish to use the facilities. Sky Zone requires that you purchase special non slip socks for use in the park, they cost 30 pesos and are mandatory, as well as reusable for future visits. Day passes are also available. They are reusable, so bring them with you if you choose to return for another round. You can place your belongings in a locker while you are busy bouncing around. Services include: Lockers for 10 pesos (shoes, bags, Bathrooms, a snack bar with seating (for waiting parents), and a separate area for parties which be booked for events such as birthdays.

Sky Zone is located in the Plaza Las Americas Shopping Mall in Cancun, with access on the second floor. From Gate48, drive on the highway for 1 hour until you enter downtown Cancun. Sky Zone is open from Monday to Sunday, for information about their hours of operation and prices visit their website: or visit them on their Facebook page: cancunskyzone


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