Family Day Trips: Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a great town to visit in the Riviera Maya with you and your family. Compared to the movement and density of Playa, this town appeares to be a version of Playa del Carmen if it had remained small. This is the charm of Puerto Morelos, a seaside village that has resisted the commercialization to which its neighbors to the north and south have succumbed.

This is the place in the Riviera Maya where everyone got together to do business over chicle. All sorts of farmers, shippers and sailors made deals over the resin which is used to make chewing gum. This product came from trees located in forests further inland. Here in Puerto Morelos they were shaped into bricks and pulled by mules or horses to be exported around the world.

To get to this town from Gate48 you will drive 1 hour until you see the sign welcoming you to town. The road that takes you to there will be to your right, so follow this until you reach the end. In the center of town is the zocalo (town square) along with a church. There is an Oxxo convenience store, a really nice book shop, and a several restaurants all waiting for you to visit them.

Here you can swim in the Mesoamerican Reef, which is located half a kilometre from the shore. It is important because it shelters the beach from any waves that get too rough. With these calmer waters it is the ideal place to do some snorkeling and check out a variety of tropical fish. You can also see coral and, if you are lucky, a sea turtle. The whole area extends into the mangroves has been declared an ecological reserve due to its importance.

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