How to Keep Your Hair Looking Good While in the Riviera Maya

The jungle environment of the Riviera Maya can be tough on your hair, so it can be a real challenge to keep it looking the way you want. In today’s blog we’re going to give you some tips on how to manage your hair while in the hot, humid conditions that you will encounter during your stay at Gate48.

Hair straighteners can provide great results, but be wary of windy conditions, as even light breezes can undo your hard work.

Tie your hair back into a ponytail if it’s long enough, and use a soft hair band to avoid creasing. This will prevent the humidity from puffing it out initially. If you have to walk where you are going, tie your hair back for the walk and take it out on arrival.

Turning on the air conditioning while styling your hair will help.

Hair styles such as high ponytails will help keep your hair off the neck, while pigtails are great for physical activities such as running, yoga or going to the gym for a workout.

Anti-frizz hair products can help, but under conditions of high humidity they are limited in their maximum effectiveness.

Try to avoid too much exposure to water with a high chlorine content, such as which is found in most swimming pools. This can be tough for the hair, often lead to breakage, a reduced shine and possibly even hair loss.

Bring a shower head filter with you on vacation. They are not commonly found here, so pick one up and pack it in your suitcase for the trip down to the Riviera Maya. The benefits of using one is that the filter out unwanted chemicals, reducing the water’s mineral content.

Use a chelating shampoos once a week to help bind to minerals and get rid of them as you wash your hair.

Coconut oil or argan oil works great when massaged into the scalp and through the hair. This once per week scalp treatment and deep conditioning hair mask. These can also be used for daily styling in very small quantities combed through wet hair.


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