What to Pack for Your Trip to the Riviera Maya

Vacations to the Riviera Maya are require some adaptation to the local climate in order make the most of your vacation. Since you will be spending some of your time outdoors in the hot sun, or on the beach, or in the waters of the Caribbean or cenote, there are some items that will make your trip even better. Check out our list below and consider bringing some of these along:

Bathing suits are a must have if you planning on swimming in the sea, the pool or inside of a cenote. More than one is extremely useful should your main one be in need of drying or washing.

Biodegradable sunscreen is a must have item because many of the local eco parks and cenotes. Regular, no-biodegradable has harmful chemical that can damage the local ecosystem, especially when it contaminates the clear, clean waters that run beneath the Yucatan Peninsula.

Bug spray is vital if you wish to venture into a jungle environment, like during a tour or a visit to a cenote.

Clothing that is cool, light and comfortable. Going out at night will require nicer clothes if eating on 5th Avenue. Women wear light dresses, low heals and minimal jewelry. In the Winter months from December to February it cools off quite a bit when the sun goes down.

GoPro cameras are not mandatory, put if you want to document some of the fun that you’ll be having these are ideal for tours and activities that involve a lot of action and movement that prevents one filming with a DSLR or cell phone. Strap one of these on and become a filmmaker of your adventures.

Hats are great for putting shade on your face. The hot sun can beta down on you relentlessly, so cover up and protect yourself and prevent a sun burn or heat stroke.

Sandals can be worn at most times almost anywhere. They are a great for the beach or just walking about casually. There is no need for shoes if not necessary, so give yourself a break and air out your feet and let the sand get in between your toes. These also are great for when it rains, which happens frequently here in the Riviera Maya, and you won’t damage your shoes and end up with wet socks.

Sunglasses are required to protect your eyes from the glaring, bright sun which is out all year round. Your eyes will be protected from harmful UV rays and you won’t strain your eyesight from squinting to reduce the sun’s rays in front of you.

Umbrella. The Riviera Maya is a jungle environment and rain is inevitable, although it generally doesn’t last long, it can surprise you, so it’s best to have this handy to get around in peace while dry.

Water shoes. If you are going to be on a rocky beach or snorkeling in some places, it is good to have some foot protection.


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