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Did you know that you can take kitesurfing lessons here in Riviera Maya? The good news if that you are close to one of the best schools in the area, run by a staff of very qualified instructors who are also pro riders themselves.

Xpu-ha beach is located north of Gate48. After driving for 18 minutes you will reach the entrance, it’s got a large sign on it that says KSM Beach Club. Turn here and follow the road to the end. Once inside ask for the rental shop and you will begin your journey as a student.

Be warned- it’s not an instantaneous process. You won’t be the hitting the wind and the waves right away. The theory component takes nine hours and can spread out over a several days. Mastery of the wind is the first challenge, never mind standing up on the water.  Don’t be surprised to end up on your backside a lot at first.

One thing that you’ll learn quickly as a beginner is to no hold on too tight, or pull too fast to one side. It is something best done gently with smaller, more delicate movements. Once you can learn to relax your grip flow with the wind you’ll be getting the basics down.

The cool thing about this sport is that it mixes so many other similar activities. It has elements of wakeboarding and surfing, along with snowboarding and even skateboarding. A professional kitesurfer is impressive to watch, so get your instructor to show you what he’s capable of so you get a good idea. It will look as if they are being towed behind a boat like a water skier.

You may see them catch a large gust of air and use their upper body to pull themselves  up. If they are great riders you’ll likely see them grab the board like a snowboarder or skateboarder, or even flip upside down before landing smoothly upright. Once you see it you will be fascinated, I guarantee it.


For those of you interested in taking some kitesurfing lessons, I recommend a visit to KSM Beach Club in Xpu-ha. You can find them online at Facebook/ksmbeachclub/.

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