New Year’s Eve Rituals in Mexico

2018 is finally about to begin, so why not ring in the year  with some traditional Mexican New Year’s rituals? Mexicans that celebrate at home share various rituals from many of the world’s cultures. Here are some good example of Mexican New Year’s rituals that you can try for yourself:

Spread lentils around the front door of your home is done to symbolize of abundance and good fortune.

Wear clothing of a certain color to get a desired effect. Wearing a piece of red clothing (especially underwear) might attract you a romantic interest. The color yellow is for those who want money, white is for peace and black attracts dignity to oneself.

Eat 12 grapes just as the countdown begins to welcome the New Year. You have to eat quickly in order to get in as many as possible before everyone screams then the clock strikes midnight. If you do then you shall be granted 12 wishes that will manifest themselves in 2018.

Sweep up your home and direct it outside get rid of all the unwanted things from the previous year. This way you clean the home of negative energy and eliminate bad vibes. You can also do a version of a ‘spring clean’ and throw out any items that you no longer need.

Purify your negative thoughts. You can do this my making a list of bad things that occurred 2017 or things in general that you no longer want. Once you finish it burn it-the bad vibes will be gone and not longer trouble you in 2018.

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