Plaza de las Americas

In today’s blog we will look at another one of Playa del Carmen’s biggest malls: Plaza de las Americas. It’s similar to Centro Maya, but is much bigger, with a larger variety of stores to choose from. This mall is located a 15 minute drive from Centro Maya, on 115 Avenue which runs parallel to the highway, right in the heart of a dense neighborhood.

One of the big reason that people come here is to see movies at the Cinepolis Movie Theater. It shows all the current big films from the United States and Mexico in several clean, comfortable air conditioned theatres. Films are shown in English and also dubbed.

The largest department stores in the mall are Sears and Coppel. Smaller stores cater to athletic wear and shoes, as well as sunglasses, pets, electronics, appliances, a GNC health shop, several hair salon and nail salons and also a bookstore. You can also do your banking at one of several branches. The Chedraui grocery store is quite big caters to a large clientele.

If you are hungry then the food court is the place to go. Here you will find a mix of Mexican and Chinese, as well as pizza and wings. Many locals eat here on their lunch break because the prices are good, although it is mostly fast food quality. If you’d like something healthier visit the juice bar nearby.

If you prefer to snack on something light then step outside the mall by one of the entrances to find assorted snack carts, including ice cream and fried donuts filled with chocolate and cremé called churros.

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