Sports Bars in Playa del Carmen

Are you a sports lover? At some point during your stay with Gate48 you may want to see a televised game in a nice atmosphere with fellow fans and enthusiasts.
You are in luck because if you travel in to Playa Del Carmen (a 30 minute car drive) you will have several choices available to you. Below are our picks for the three of best bars/restaurants in Playa del Carmen for watching and cheering on your favorite team.

Legends Sports Bar & Grill

This place is on Calle 16, just off of 10th Avenue. It’s got a little tent area at the front entrance with a projection screen. When you walk inside you’ll be struck by how many TV screens are on the walls, showing multiple games from a variety of sports, so you can find the one you are after. During European football (soccer) you’ll get up to four games from the same tournament at the same time.

Tequila Barrel

This place is located on Fifth Avenue, but don’t be fooled-it’s not just another tourist bar. After walking in continue towards the back where you will find an air-conditioned room showing a game on their projection screen. Wait staff are very attentive to those sitting in here, so make yourself at home and pick out some food and drinks from their menu to enjoy.


This is located on Avenida Constituyentes and Avenida 115 and is further away from the beach, But it’s a short drive and definitely worth it. It seems almost out of place, the kind of restaurant you find in the suburbs of a major North American city. Their main focus is on pasta but they also serve up really nice burgers and ribs, as well as pizza. Regardless of where you are seated you can get a view of one of the TV sets positioned on the wall, so you won’t miss your match.

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