As a visitor to the Riviera May you will probably be looking forward to eating some tacos.

No matter where you go during your stay with Gate48 you will encounter this famous Mexican food which is not only delicious, but a foundation of the country’s  culture and cuisine.

Everyone in Mexico eats tacos, regardless of age, social class or economic status. Creating a taco is very easy. First, you begin with a corn tortilla. Then you fill it with whatever you wish: pork, beef, chicken. Any meat or vegetables stew is fine. Finally you top it off with a sauce, usually one which is chile or tomato-based.

Tacos also have a deep cultural significance. Corn has been the foundation of Mexican culture and cuisine since the Mesoamerican era. During the time of the revolution, soldiers ate tortillas after engaging in battle. They used tortilla as both food and dish, extremely practical in times of war.

Here are examples of the kinds of taco dishes that you will find:

Tacos dorados come with potato or chicken inside of a rolled-up tortilla. They are fried up in oil until crisp and hard, often topped off with lettuce.

Tacos sudados are steamed and made with beans, potatoes or fried pork rind.

Tacos made of stews which are generally eaten in the morning.

If you decide to go eat at a specialized taqueria, which are usually open late, you will generally find the following basic orders: steak, chorizo, al pastor, chicken and a variety of slices depending on which part of the animal is being eaten. Tacos made with cochinita (pork) are the most popular in the Yucatan. They are served with red onion and quite delicious, a very authentic local taco.

Are you feeling hungry for some tacos? If you have any questions or would like recommendations of where to eat please leave a comment below, and remember to share this article on your social media.

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