If you are looking for something which is a healthy form of detox with a strong spiritual component then we recommend a temazcal. In today’s blog we will look at this ancient Mesoamerican practice and the benefits of the experience.

What is it?

The word temazcal (pronounced teh-mas-kal) is a traditional Mexican steam bath, similar to the sweat lodges of the Native American tribes to the north. The word itself is a combination of two Nahuatl words: temal means “bath” and calli means “house.”


The sweat lodge is in a circular shape and domed, typically made out of stone or even mud. Why? Because the temazcal is thought to represent Mother Nature’s womb. When people exit after the ceremony it is said that in a symbolic sense they have been re-born.

The effect of undergoing a temazcal is that the body begins to rid itself of harmful toxins which are sweated out of the body. In the traditional temazcal, hot river rocks are heated on a fire outside the structure and are brought in and placed in the center of the lodge at a few different intervals while the people inside sweat and may participate in a ceremony, rub their bodies with aloe, or swat themselves with herbs.


The purpose of the ceremony is to purify your body and the spirit. Therapeutic treatment of detoxification and a spiritual practice These traditional healing methods also have the effect of provoking a more introspective view of oneself.

The person in charge of a temazcal is known as a temazcalero, who is either a shaman, healer or medicine man. This gives a deeper level of spirituality to the entire process, because it is seen as a renewal of the spirit through a symbolic rebirth.

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