One of the dishes that you will encounter here in Mexico is mole (pronounced moh-le). The word comes from the Náhuatl language, meaning “salsa,” which is exactly what it is, although quite unique in its preparation as you shall soon read. You will find it pretty much everywhere, at big celebrations like weddings and birthdays, and especially in eateries all over the Southern states.

The fascinating thing about mole is how its current recipe is a synthesis of two worlds: it has ingredients that are of Mesoamerica origin,  along with the added flavors introduced by Europeans who brought them to Mexico.

Despite the many differences among moles in Mexico,  all of them use one or more kinds of dry chiles to make the sauce. These include ancho, pasilla, mulato and chipotle. Spices are also used, as are garlic and dry fruits.

In order to make mole correctly you must use five major ingredients. They are:

Dry chiles, tomatoes, chocolate, spices and tortilla or bread.

It may seem odd to find chocolate as a part of the recipe, but once you’ve tasted it you’ll agree that it adds a unique flavoring. It is also there for practical purposes: chocolate counteracts the spiciness of the dry chiles.There must be a balance though, one flavor should not dominate over the other. Chocolate may even have a ritualistic significance with its initial use.

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