Today we are talking about a tasty seafood dish that you will certainly encounter during your stay with Gate48. It’s called ceviche, and there are plenty of places in the Riviera Maya that have this on their menu. Let’s take a look at this popular dish, its origins and how it is prepared.


Although often debated, the origins of this dish are likely from Peru. The recipe made its way to Mexico via the Spanish as they traveled north. Fisherman would marinate freshly caught fish, shrimp and octopus with an acidic fruit, does the job of cooking the seafood. Since the Spanish had citrus fruits with them it became the most commonly used acidic fruit used for cooking. Of course, lime is not the only fruit used, the important thing is using on that provides the acidic action that facilitates the cooking of the fish.


The person preparing ceviche will begin the process with an empty bowl where all of the ingredients will tossed in after they are chopped up. Once they are ready go in the fresh fish is added, along with onion, lime juice, tomatoes, chiles, cilantro and a bit of salt. The the bowl the is placed in the fridge and the fish is left to marinate for approximately 4 hours. Fish is not the only base that can be used for preparing this dish. Other seafood that can take its place include shrimp, tuna, squid or octopus.


In Mexico it’s common to serve ceviche with tostadas, salted crackers, inside of a taco. When served with tomato sauce it becomes a ceviche cocktail. Side dishes often accompany a serving a ceviche, using flavors that will accentuate it, such as corn and avocado. The most important aspect of serving ceviche is that it must be prepared and eaten as fresh as possible to prevent any chance of getting sick.

The Riviera Maya is full of many great restaurants that serve ceviche, so when you find yourself in Tulum, Playa del Carmen or Akumal be sure to ask if they have it on their menu. Your taste buds and stomach will be very grateful for the experience.

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