Amenities Available to Gate48 Guests

When you book your vacation rental with Gate48 there are many free amenities available to you and your family that will make your stay fun and enjoyable. Whether you want to stay fit or simply catch some sun and swim there is plenty to choose from to keep you busy, so let’s take a look at what they are.

Health and Fitness

If you love health and fitness visit TAO’s Wellness Center. It’s surrounded by jungle treetops and wildlife and is an impressive architectural construction. Inside of this building you will find gym machines and free weights, a yoga class room, and two salt water infinity pools, all of which you can enjoy for free. Massage and spa rooms are available at an extra cost, and there are room for cardio and aerobic workouts.

There are various free classes that you can take, such as cooking classes, Zumba and Spanish for those looking to improve their speaking skills. If you don’t feel like working out you can hang out at the elixir bar or in their lounge area and check out their shop for souvenirs. When you arrive please ask the concierge what programs are currently available.

Finally, there is a private beach club located on the opposite side of the highway. Guests have access to sunbeds and umbrellas as well as a restaurant, bar and an infinity pool.


If you are staying here not only will you have access to the beach club but you can also enjoy a round of golf at their 27-hole golf course. The Bahia Principe Golf Course was designed by famous golf course architect Robert Trent Jones II and was recently voted as the 2nd best golf course in the Riviera Maya. The design uses much of the geography of the area, so expect to see jungle terrain, lakes and cenotes, in addition to the wildlife that inhabits the area. Note that there is a cost for golf so please check for current prices.

As you can see from reading this blog there is much to do as a guest of Gate48, so start  planning your activity schedule today. You will not only be able to gain peace of mind, relax and enjoy the sun and beach but stay fit and healthy thanks to the amenities offered here.


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