Swim With Dolphins in Puerto Aventuras

Have you ever wanted to swim with dolphins and learn how to communicate with them? Then you are in luck, because Gate48 is close to an amazing ‘dolphinarium’ called Dolphin Discovery, located in the heart of Puerto Aventuras. These marine mammals are considered to be the second-smartest species on the planet, and this place allows you and your family to be up close and person with these wonderful creatures.

Dolphin Discovery is a 20 minute drive from Gate48. Once you arrive at the main gates of the Puerto Aventuras private residences tell the security guard where you are going and he will direct you where to go. Just follow the main road all the way down towards the marina and keep a look out for the signs indicating the exact location.

Your encounters with the dolphins will take place in a large lagoon where you can swim with them, hug them, kiss them, or simply watch them as they sing and dance. There are many different swim programs available at Dolphin Discovery for interaction , each one offering you a chance to observe these intelligent, inquisitive and playful animals.

One of the activities allows participants to be propelled through the water on a boogie board, while the most popular aquatic program at Dolphin Discovery is the Dolphin Royal Swim. The ‘dolphin push” is exactly as it sounds: two dolphins push you up by the feet as you zip through the water in a standing position. If you fancy having other swimming partners, there are other mammals waiting to swim with you, including sea lions and manatees.

The best part is that these activities are suitable for competent swimmers of all ages. It is definitely children friendly, so you can plan a day trip here with the entire family. For more information about the Dolphin Discovery, including pricing, hours of operation, activities and availability, visit the Dolphin Discovery website: https: www.dolphindiscovery.com/riviera-maya.

Once you have had your fun we encourage you to spend time exploring Puerto Aventuras. In a previous blog entry we described many of the fun activities that are available here, including the golf course, restaurants and live music. Puerto Aventuras is the only part of the Riviera Maya with its own marina, with many property owners parking their boats here. It’s a unique place to visit, especially if you enjoy being by the water.

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