Xcalacoco Beach in Playa del Carmen

In today’s blog we will introduce you to one of Playa del Carmen’s best kept secrets: Xcalacoco beach. Unlike many of the other beaches in the Riviera Maya, which can become quite crowded with locals and tourists, this is not as well known.  Nearby residents love it for it’s relative isolation, which is away from the bustling nature of central Playa.

The name Xcalacoco is a  Maya word meaning “Twin Coconuts.” It is a magnificent stretch of beach with blue water, located about a mile or two from downtown. From the Gate 48 residences it is a 45 minute drive north on the highway, past the entrance to Grand Coral hotel. When you arrive at the traffic lights where the Coco Cola factory is located make a right turn on the road with a sign pointing to the Lol-Tun neighborhood. From here you will go down the road for about 3 minutes, passing several housing developments.

Two hotels are located on this beach, Le Reve and Azul Fives, which is a condo hotel. There is a small public beach access but no signage, so look for where the cars are parked, or ask anyone within site for directions. Once inside you will notice that you are in a secluded area, away from the crowds and surrounded by nature. The reef ensures that the waters are nice and calm, though some parts of the beach are quite rocky. As you begin to explore the beach are you will find small pools of water with sea life that lives there, such as tiny fish and crabs. You will have the chance to see several types of sea birds here, as they like to walk around here and feed. The sand here is course and you will find small bits of seashells.

Be aware that the price you pay for being away from everything is that there are very few shops nearby, most of which are close to the highway. , There are no services here except a lifeguard stand, so it is important that you plan ahead and bring your own supplies, such as towels and snacks. A garbage bag is also recommended so that you can carry out your trash and not litter the beach. If you wish you can visit one of the nearby beach clubs or restaurants.

Regardless of how you spend your day here, you will find that this beach destination is ideal for couples and families. It is much quieter than the upbeat party atmosphere of Playa del Carmen’s famous Mamita’s beach, with significantly smaller crowds. The local families that live in the area know this all too well, and enjoy coming here for the slower pace of life. And so will you, now that we’ve shared this little secret with you.

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