Ojos de Mar: Subaquatic Photo Exposition in Cozumel

In today’s blog we’re going to tell you about a great photography exhibition which is currently on display on Cozumel Island. It’s called ”Ojos de Mar” and it’s the work of Cozumel-based subaquatic artist Denisse Pohls. Her framed prints are currently hanging on the walls of The Palomino bar which is located a short walk from the ferry.

Denisse’s photographs capture the beautiful imagery of underwater wildlife. She has a passion for photographing turtles and much of her work shows up close and personal encounters with her subject. These amazing prints are also for sale, so if you like what you see you can take one home with you.

Originally from León, Guanajuato in the centre of Mexico, she became interested in photographing turtles since her first open dive in January 2015. She currently works as an underwater photographer for recreational scuba divers and her work has been printed in National Geographic

Denisse’s prints are full of striking imagery. One shows a rare glimpse of a green turtle, his flippers raised in an action pose, caught in a freeze frame mid-flight. These turtles prefer solitude and don’t like interacting with humans, so it’s quite rare. Another great print shows two hawksbill turtle interacting with each other, perhaps sizing each other up for a possible mating. Turtles tend to travel alone, so this is also quite uncommon.

The remainder of the exhibition’s prints which adorn the walls of the bar are a mix of underwater sights like fish and coral, all taken around Cozumel in the area near the reef. Each finished print was made in Mexico City and printed on good quality paper, with horizontal wood supports for hanging on your wall.

All of them are all for sale, at a cost of 2900 pesos each. The exhibition is expected to last until the end of June, so if you visiting Gate48 during that time consider paying The Palomino bar a visit and seeing for yourself.

For more information about Denisse visit her Facebook/DenissePohlsPhotography and her Instagram @denissepohls to find out more information about the exhibit.

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