Playa Delfines Beach in Cancun

In today’s blog we have a beach recommendation for you and your family: Playa Delfines in Cancun. It is quite unlike other beaches in the area, with few visitors, free access and a tranquil atmosphere.

Playa Delfines means “Dolphin Beach”, so named because they can often be seen from the shore. It is also nicknamed El Mirador (The Lookout)  because it is one of the highest points of Cancún, giving visitors a terrific  view of Cancún and the surrounding area. This place is a rarity in Cancún, with no hotels, restaurants or similar structures built there, meaning you will not see the large crowds that are commonly found in the Hotel Zone.

Your journey by car to the beach is a total driving time of 1 hour and 30 minutes fro Gate48. Once you arrive you will be pleased to find that unlike most beaches in the Cancún this place has free public parking. There is also no entrance fee for the beach, another rarity which you will appeciate.

If you enjoy surfing then you will like the conditions here. Unfortunately there are no places to rent surfboards here, so you will have to bring your own. If you prefer to be less active and relax you’ll find
chairs and beach umbrellas, you can rent these items when you get there. Palapas are also available and recommended for grabbing shade, while your kids will like the playground. Finally, and also importantly, they have clean washroom at the beach that are well maintained.

One of the important considerations for a trip to the beach with ones family is the issue of safety, so you will be happy to know that Playa Delfines is watched over by lifeguards that keep an eye out on beach activity. There is also a trained medical officer on site. If you enjoy the water you will find that the waves are quite gentle near the shore, but be aware that the water can be quite rough at times due to the heavy currents and riptides.

The lack of restaurants is not a concern as there are many street vendors that operate at the beach. The prices are a bit higher than you would find in the city area, but are still quite reasonable and you’ll appreciate the authentic local flavors. Tacos and fish dishes are the most commonly sold by the vendors, but you can always bring your own food and drink supplies.

Playa Delfines is a great alternative to the other busy beaches found in the area, and its close proximity of 10.5 miles (17 kilometers) to downtown Cancún means that you can plan an evening in the city with your family when your day there is done.

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