Our Guide to How to Heal a Sunburn

It’s summertime in the Riviera Maya, a time when the sun is at its most powerful and capable of damaging your skin if you do not protect it. If you are unfortunate to have receiveda sunburn and are feeling the discomfort that goes along with it, do not worry. We have put together some tips for our Gate48 guests to help soothe and cool sunburnt skin and relieve the burn.

The first step is to cool the skin by using a piece of flannel which has been soaked in ice-cold water. You will use this as a compress and place it on the burnt areas to help bring down your skin temperature. This should be done three or four times a day, for 15 minutes at a time,  it will aid tremendously in soothing the pain of the burn.

The next step is to use a natural after-sun lotion. This is different from a moisturizer, which creates a barrier that locks in heat and moisture. After-sun, often in a cooling gel form, will help the heat to dissipate from the skin. Try to choose something without too many chemical names in the ingredients list.

Next apply aloe vera, cut off a leaf and scoop out the clear gel, mix it until it is smooth and then apply often to your skin. This will help your skin heal faster and keep it cool. Keep the aloe and after-sun in the fridge between uses.

Your skin will be better hydrated and repair faster if you drink more water. Drink even more than normal when you are sunburnt. Eating water-rich fruits like melon, grapefruit and pineapple will also help you stay hydrated and provide you with antioxidants and nutrients essential for regeneration and healing.

Finally, get some rest and keep yourself out of the sun. It can be difficult to get some sleep when your body is hurting, especially if you must lay on the affected part of the body. Your body must get some rest while it heals itself. Avoid tight clothing or anything elasticated by wearing something very comfortable to sleep in, or even nothing at all.

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