Insect Stings and Bites in the Riviera Maya

Gate48 is located in the Riviera Maya, and being a jungle environment it is home to many insects and small creatures that bite and sting.
When you visit us you are sure to encounter many of these creatures which make their home in Mexico. Few insects here can cause actual harm, and the extent of the damage is usually limited to an irritating itch or discomfort. But in some cases, a bite may necessitate medical intervention. In today’s feature blog we are going to tell you about several of these creatures, how to avoid them and treat their stings or bites.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance in tropical climates, especially in the Riviera Maya during Mexico’s rainy season from May to October. Insect repellent is vital if you are walking outdoors in jungle areas. At night, hotels which have open-air windows may provide mosquito nets over the beds.
Mosquito coils can be found in many shops and help keep them away. but due to the odour and chemicals many people prefer not to use them.
A natural mosquito repellent called citronela is very effective and is available locally at Mexican pharmacies.

The tabano fly (horsefly)

These large and agile flies attack human and animals. The female is the one that bites, causing large painful welts to appear on the skin that will itch for several days. They can be found in a jungle environments require more effort to repel them than normal mosquitos. We recommend wearing long sleeve shirts and trousers to avoid direct contact with the skin, but if you do get bit use antihistamine to reduce the swelling of a bite. Apply aloe vera will help soothe the itch.

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