How to Stay Cool in the Riviera Maya Heat

If you are currently staying with us at Gate48 or are planning to come during the summer months be aware that this is the hottest time of the year. Being a jungle environment the Yucatan peninsula has a high level of humidity, which in addition to making you sweat profusely also makes it seem hotter than it really is. This can cause discomfort regardless of your state of health and fitness, especially for those with medical conditions, but there are ways to handle it and enjoy your stay.

Here are some tips on how to stay cool and manage the heat

Stay hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day is absolutely mandatory to keeping yourself in good shape due to the effects of the heat. Even if you don’t find yourself visiting the bathroom to often your body will still unload plenty of fluids by sweating them out. Too much of this will leave you feeling exhausted and you may develop headaches. Keep an eye on your urine content, it should be as clear as possible. If it is dark yellow and smells strongly begin rehydrating yourself immediately.

Wear breathable clothes. Avoid dark colours, and wear light colored cotton or other natural fabrics that are breathable. Another clothing option is to purchase athletic wear such as Under Armour shirts which are regularly used by professional athletes. They absorb perspiration and keep your body feeling cool.

Take a cold shower. This is the easiest way to refresh your body and stay cool.

Jump in a pool. Aside from the exercise of swimming this feels great, just remember to put on sunblock to avoid getting burned when your body is exposed to direct sun.

Cool your pulse points. Your neck and wrists are the parts of your body where the blood runs close to the skin. Applying ice directly to this area for 5-10 minutes

Find a place with air conditioning. Most shopping malls, banks, restaurants, and coffee shops are a great place to escape the heat when you are out and about.

Find some shade. It won’t help you avoid the humidity but it will keep you out of the direct rays of the sun. If you are on the beach, look for a small tree that casts a shadow and sit in it. Or even better bring your own makeshift shade, like an umbrella or small tent.

Wear a hat. This should be mandatory when out and about while the sun is in te sky. It will keep you from getting a bad sunburn and protect your head.

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